Player Comparison: Kulemin vs Clarkson?

27 Sep


The Maple Leafs will need to wait an extra 10 regular season games to see their prized free agent acquisition David Clarkson wear the blue and white in any meaningful games. In case you live under a rock, Clarkson was automatically suspended for leaving the bench during a game to join in the Scott vs Kessel show down.  If the current practise lines suggest anything, it’s that the current longest serving Maple Leaf, Nikolai Kulemin, will be joining Lupul and Kadri on the 2nd line till Clarkson comes back. Which brings up the question, how well will Kulemin fill in for Clarkson? Here at LeafsHero we’re going to try and find out, in an in-depth analysis comparing Kulemin and Clarkson.

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Cumulated Selke Voting Over Past 5 Years

15 Sep

At LeafsHero we thought it be interesting to a see total of all Selke voting over the past 5 years. So we found the top 20 Selke Vote winners for each of the past 5 years, and summed the votes into one easy to read table.

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What is Franson Really Worth?

13 Sep

Cody Franson

With Nazem Kadri signed to a 2 year “bridge deal”, focus now shifts on locking up the 26 year old blue-liner Cody Franson to a deal for the 2013/2014 season. With at least seven NHL ready defensemen set to go for Leafs‘ training camp, the cards are almost entirely in Dave Nonis‘ hand, and it’s likely only a matter of time before Franson is forced to submit to Nonis’ apparent offer of 2 years at roughly 2 million. But the question is: just how much is Franson really worth? Here at LeafHero we look to break down Franson’s last break out season and see just how good Franson has proven himself to be both defensively and offensively, along with the role that he’s carved out for himself on the Leafs’ blue-line.

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Why Phaneuf is a Norris candidate

9 Apr


In a season where the Leafs’ top prospect Nazem Kadri has gone many nights carrying the team’s offence on his back with his point per game production, where James Reimer has consistently given the Leafs a chance to win every night putting up a 15-5-4 record, where Phil Kessel has rounded out his game to be a dependable two-way winger who’s willing to battle against the boards, it’s easy to forget about the Leafs one player who has been doing the majority of the dirty work to allow the others to shine. Phaneuf may not be making highlight reel passes, momentum shifting saves or redefining the type of player he is, like his peers may be, but quietly Phaneuf has become the team’s most valuable player and has earned the “C” stitched on his jersey. Here at LeafsHero we’ll look at the different elements of Phaneuf’s game that make him not only the team’s MVP but a possible Norris Trophy nominee.
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Where does O’Byrne fit?

5 Apr


Approaching the deadline, the Leafs, like every team, had different weaknesses they could have looked to address. They could have brought a back-up goalie to mentor Reimer through the playoffs, a stay at home partner for Phaneuf on the blue line, and added size and face-off ability down the middle – all moves that could help the Leafs take the first of many steps from being a middle-of-a pack team to being one of the East’s better clubs.

Unfortunately for the Leafs, as the trade deadline approached prices remained high for buyers, as in two second round picks for Douglas Murray high, leaving the Leafs without many options. So, unable to address any major needs, David Nonis and company made a safe, low risk deal to help add some depth to the blue line with Ryan O’Byrne. Roughly twenty four hours and a few interviews later, what can we expect from the 28 year old bruiser? Here at Leafshero we take a closer look.

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News: Marlies Sign Sparks

2 Apr


“The Toronto Marlies announced Monday the team has signed goaltender Garret Sparks to an Amateur Try Out (ATO) contract. Sparks was drafted in the seventh round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. Sparks will join the team for their next game against Lake Erie on Wednesday.” –

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Argument for Colborne as a top six centre

1 Apr

Joe Colborne

Just over two years have passed since Joe Colborne joined the Leafs AHL affiliate the Toronto Marlies, and over that time Toronto fans have seen many highs and lows for the large centre. In a city where players are quick to be labelled as busts Colborne, 23 years old since January, is begun to be forgotten in the minds of the common Leaf fan. Here at LeafsHero we look to shine a light on what Colborne can become, and who he already has become. By taking a look at Joe Colborne’s career scoring pace and seeing how injuries have influenced his career we think we can make a case that Colborne is ready to be a top six Centre in the NHL.

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